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Marketing Good Taste

Many restaurant owners want to market their sense of good taste.  Their cuisine, interior design, music, bathroom lighting, beer selection, wait-staff dress code, website design… But just what is “good taste”?  Who decides on the criteria?  Whose opinions are important? … Continued

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Great Service Without Being Servile

When I lived in the Czech Republic, there was a particular bartender I liked.  Even though he was, by American standards, a cold and unfriendly fellow. He never said hello to anyone when they walked in.  He never smiled.  He … Continued

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Marketing to Your Restaurant Base

A restaurant market has three types of consumer targets. The first is the base.  This is the everyday diner who goes out two or three times a month and likes a modest variety in their food.  It’s the middle income … Continued

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Recipes, Marketing, & Emergent Properties

No hamburger is just hamburger. It’s always a bit more.  The right bun.  Melting cheese.  Grilled onions. Or any combination of ingredients and condiments.  Mushrooms.  Spicy mustard.  Kim-chee. A hamburger, in other words, is greater than the sum of its … Continued

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Encourage Selfies At Your Restaurant

A lot of restaurant owners hate diners taking selfies at their restaurant.  They think it takes away from the ambiance and distracts the other diners. But it’s time to get with the times. A recent study shows that taking selfies … Continued

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Restaurant Leads Searching for You

Hot, medium and cold leads are searching for your restaurant. A hot lead is someone who knows about your restaurant, likes your food and is planning to go out.  Your job here is to make them an offer that entices … Continued

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