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Restaurant Reviews and Dealing With Sally

With online review sites, everybody’s a restaurant critic.

As a restaurant owner, you’ve probably woken in cold sweat after nightmares about diners like Sally:

Some people are so nit-picky, they’re impossible to please.  I remember restauranteur Michel Chiarello commenting once on how diners would want a medium rare steak but complain if the steak didn’t come to the table sizzling hot (any good steak chef knows a steak has to rest before you cut into it).

Today, Sally and ill-informed steak eaters are also restaurant critics.  They leave online reviews that can have a serious impact on your business.

Unfortunately, perhaps, the days when only a professional food critic would leave written reviews about a restaurant are over.  Unfortunately…perhaps…the democracy of internet content allows everyone to be a critic.

If – somehow – the waitress gets Sally’s order wrong, you can expect a review on Yelp! lambasting the service.

But, perhaps, you can get this to work in your favor.

If you knew a professional restaurant critic was coming to dine, you’d make sure everything was as close to perfect as you could get it.

Acknowledge the reality that the internet allows everyone to be a critic.  As a restaurant owner, the best thing you can do is to have your establishment on top of it’s game as much as possible.  Every customer is valuable, and every one of them has the power to create negative “word-of-mouth” with online reviews.

Restaurants that stay in business have ownership that works hard, loves what they do, and makes the diner’s experience a priority.  Those that nickle and dime while assuming the worst about their diners (if your staff thinks most of the people who eat at your restaurant are idiots that’s not a good sign) don’t last.

And when you are doing your best, don’t worry about the occasional Sally – not matter what you’ll never please everybody.  It’s part of the game – just make sure your overall score is strong.

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